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Bridging the Gap Between Families and Youth


COMMUNITY RE-ENTRY PROGRAM (C-REP) provides support to youth and their families who may face emotional, learning, and/or behavioral challenges. C-REP teaches daily life skills, provides counseling, provides crisis management services, links individuals and families to support services within the community, and provides parenting training.  All services are designed to stabilize the living arrangement, promote reunification or prevent the utilization of out-of-home placement for the youth. C-REP offers services based on the needs and desires of each individual in realizing personal growth in their individual and family lives as well as in their communities.


The ultimate goal of C-REP is to help individuals learn, regain and/or improve everyday living skills that have been lost or deteriorated due to mental health symptoms and/or substance abuse. Services will be designed for the individual based on need and desires while continually advocating what is needed for the individual to be safe and healthy. Our staff, psychologist, and counselors work with the individuals and their families, providing services in the home, school and/or in the community as appropriate.

Services are provided to all individuals without regard of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, or economic status.